Whether he captivates you through his insightful lyrics, energetic stage presence or ability to switch his style from Hip Hop emcee, to R&B Vocalist over to Dancehall Deejay without missing a beat; Omar “Boss” Ambrose has been delivering delectable musical mosaics for more than a decade as a singer, songwriter and producer.

Born in Brooklyn, New York planting the influence of hip hop and rap in his wide array of musical styles. He grew up in Antigua, West Indies and the musical and cultural influences of the Caribbean are obvious in his performances and songs.

He earned a Diploma in Church Music and Pastoral studies through World Harvest Bible College in Ohio, before settling in Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska brought a layer of Praise & Worship and Gospel influences which are found both in his melody and lyrics. 

He holds two hit singles, Rise and Caribbean Queen, both shot to number 1 on the Caribbean Charts respectively and have been featured on various compilations in the US, UK and the Caribbean. 

Omar Boss Ambrose is also one of the Co-founders & Owners of Royalocityflo. Royalocityflo is an indie christian record label. 

His goals are simple: to speak Truth through music without compromising the message or the excellence in sound.

Boss Ambrose is ready for what is to come next, the question is...are you?