The Power of Forgiveness

The word forgive can be defined as to cease to feel resentment against (an offender) :pardon forgive one's enemies.  I wanted to speak on this subject because I had a situation arise with another person I was working with that left me feeling resentful. Even though the situation has been over for almost a year, every time the person's name came up,  I would feel the resentment in my heart. A wise person once told me that sometimes the reason  people act mad is because they are really hurt. The root of my resentment was due to being hurt and feeling taken for granted.  I have learned through this,  it's better to go where you are celebrated,  rather than tolerated. Even though I no longer  have much interaction with that person, I prayed and asked God to remove the resentment from my heart. Resentment and bitterness are feelings that we shouldn't allow to stay in our hearts.  It only hurts us and hinders us from being the best possible versions of ourselves. I am at peace knowing it's better to let go and forgive those who sin against us as Jesus has forgiven us. (Matthew 6:12) There is power in forgiveness.🙏