The consciousness of who we are, our roles and seasons in life determines our effectiveness. One’s effectiveness is tied to the quality of one’s preparation, which is tied to time management. Scripture says let everything be done decency and order (Read 1 Corinth 14:40). One of the principles here is that the “wisdom of timing” demands much patience or else a chaotic or un-useful life will result. Think of it, the toast that you burnt became un-useful only because the “wisdom of timing” was not applied. To often we are tempted by the voices of people, the voice of our reasoning and voice of the devil to step out of the wisdom of God’s timing. Therefore, it is imperative that we learn to wait on God for our time of unveiling and shining. The Bible says arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is upon you (Read Isaiah 60:1). This is The Spirit call to the spirit of those who are ready. A light bulb although built and equipped to shine is not ready to shine until connected. If we are not connected with the seasons and times of Holy Spirit who is our power source, then we will miss the timing of illumination. I encourage you to continue investing time in preparation for the establishment and furtherance of your spiritual and natural assignments. And receive God’s grace for patience in the process, in Jesus Mighty Name.